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Sweet Dreams- Part9  
12:03am 23/10/2010
Part 9

Sian’s POV

Sophie was wheeled threw the double doors and straight to theatre all i could see was my girl laying lifeless being wheeled away from me, i need someone by my side i needed Sophie back in my arms. I rang Chesney and told him what had happened and before i knew it him and Katy were at the hospital, as soon as i was in Chesney’s arms i collapsed to the floor and just sobbed my heart out, Chesney never let go of me.

My sobs had started to slow and we moved over to the waiting area, Hours passed and still know news all i could keep saying was “she can’t leave me i need her”

Finally a doctor appeared and all three of us jumped up

Doctor: Hi i’m Dr Lee are you Sophie’s relations?

Sian: I’m her fiance

Chesney: We’re close friends
Chesney gestured towards himself and Katy
Sian: What’s happening please let her be alive

Doctor: It was touch and go and the next 24hours are critical, we are monitoring her very closely because she is not out of the woods yet

Sian: NO not my Sophie this is all my fault wanting to go out

Chesney: Sian it’s not your fault, Can we see her

Doctor: Of course but only for a few minutes

We all followed the Doctor Chesney and Katy had hold of my hands, when we reached the room i could not move i was rooted to the floor when i felt a slight squeeze on my hand from Katy

Doctor: It may look horrifying but the machines are there to help her and she is still asleep

Katy: We will be right out here Sian

I moved towards the doors and took a deep breathe before i walked in, tears started to roll down my face Sophie looked so pale and fragile it broke my heart to see my beautiful girl look so drained. I took her hand in mine and kissed her forehead softly, before i left i whispered into Sophie’s ear

Sian: Sophie i’m so sorry this is all my fault, but baby you have to fight you can’t leave me not like this, I love you with all my heart, body and soul and i can’t wait to marry you and start a family with you, Please i beg you Sophie Webster don’t leave me I love you

i leaned in and kissed Sophie’s lips so softly as i went to walk away i felt a slight squeeze on my hand and i knew Sophie had heard every word i’d just said.


24 hours had past neither me, Chesney or Katy had moved from outside Sophie’s room, nurses were in and out of her room all night and threw out the day but still no-one gave us any information

Doctor: Miss Powers

Sian: Hi Dr Lee, any news?

Doctor: Yes the last 24hours were very critical for Sophie but she is looking a lot better and also she has woken up and has been asking for you

Chesney: Sian that;s brilliant she is awake

Doctor: Don’t get to excited she is still in a critical position and things might take a turn for the worst i’m sorry to have to say that

Sian: Thank you can i please see her

Doctor: Of course you can go straight in

I walked through the doors and saw a small smile appear on Sophie’s face, she lifted up her hand for me to take it into mine

Sian: Hi baby, how are you? i thought i’d lost you last night

Sophie: Hi, a bit sore, what happened? oh and by the way Sian you will never lose me

Sian: remember those lads that were bothering us

Sophie: Yes the pricks

Sian: Well the one you had the argument with stabbed you as we were walking out

I could see a tear rolling down Sophie’s face

Sian: Oh baby don’t cry it’s all my fault

Sophie: Sian it’s not your fault it’s mine if only i could keep my angry in and not snap

Sian: You were being protective of me baby and i love you for that

Sophie: I love you to now get over here

I walked over to Sophie entwined our fingers and placed a soft kiss on Sophie’s lips, Chesney and Katy came in and we all sat there talking about the future and what our plans were for when Sophie gets out the hospital.

Chesney and Katy had gone home to grab me a change of clothes and some food, Mine and Sophie’s hand never parted, I would keep lifting Sophie’s hand to my lips and placing soft kisses on the back of it

Sophie: Sian

Sian: Yes babe

Sophie: Did you mean everything you said last night?

Sian: what do you mean Soph?

Sophie: I mean about starting a family with me after we are married

Sian: I meant every word i said Sophie Webster and i also meant it when i said i love you with all my heart, body and soul

Sophie: I love you to and i always will with every inch of me

Sophie was getting really sleepy and her eyes were starting to close, so i let her sleep but she would not let go of my hand so i leaned my head back against the chair and closed my eyes but before i feel sleep i whispered

Sian: Sweet dreams Soph

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brooke's tattoo  
02:14pm 03/10/2010
 brooke's tattootattoo
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Sweet Dreams- Part8  
12:58am 29/09/2010

We had finally made it out to the club Sian looking beautiful in her tight black dress and me in my cream dress which i had saved up to buy. The club was quiet at first so we decided to grab a seat until it started to get more people in, we were talking and having a laugh when Sian noticed a group of lads eyeing us up

Sian: Baby i think them guys are checking us out

Soph: Well i’ll give um something to look at

With saying that i took Sian’s head in my hands and slowly kissed her sweet lips and Sian placed her hand on my thigh giving it a slight squeeze, after getting lost in the passionate kiss we pulled away and started to giggle, just as i was about to go get another drink i noticed the group of lads were now on their way over towards our table with the most cheesiest grins on their faces, the rest stopped at the booth before ours but one lad carried on heading in our direction

Soph: Don’t look now Sian but we have some morons coming over

Sian: God don’t they get the picture

Tom: Hi ladies i’m Tom can i get you both a drink

Sian: No thanks

Tom: but your glasses are empty

Soph: We are quiet capable of getting our own thank you

Tom: ooohhhh touchy

Tom slid in the booth next to Sian and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, she instantly grabbed my hand begging for help, Tom looked down at our hands and started laughing

Tom: So you girls fancy a-bit of fun tonight

Tom winked at Sian which made my bloody boil, i instantly stand up taking Sian with me, the look in her eyes was pure pleading for us to get away from him

Soph: I don’t think me or my girlfriend want anything from you especially not that

We both walked off not before tom grabbed Sian’s bum and shouted “see you later sexy”, i couldn’t help it i started to storm back in his direction with Sian trying to stop me

Soph: If you ever touch her again your life wont be worth living

Tom: Oh what you gunna do about it you skanky lessa

Soph: What did you just call me?

Sian: Soph leave it, lets just go please

Tom: yeah that’s it walk away

Sian pulled me away wrapping her arm around my waist and kissing my check which calmed me down a little bit but i could still feel my bloody boiling, Sian dragged me over to the other side of the club and leant me against a wall taking my head in her hands she kissed me so softly then stepped back to calm me down

Sian: Soph baby calm down your still shaking, LOOK AT ME

Sian shouted the last part which made me look her straight in her wonderful blue eyes which melted my heart

Soph: Sorry babe it’s.. it’s just i hate people like that

Sian: yeh so do i and i love how you always stick up for me

I pulled Sian in for a hug before we moved onto the dance floor which was now crowded, we were grinding with each other and just dancing the night away not giving a care in the world, it was starting to get late and i just wanted to go home with my beautiful fiance and snuggle up in bed because me being me i wore the worst shoes ever and my feet were killing me.

I took Sian’s hand in mine and started to lead her off the dance floor heading towards the main doors when somebody bumped into me, all of a sudden i felt like a ripping pain through my side, i could feel my knee’s buckling from under me from the sheer pain in my side, Sian took me in her arms as i looked up into her eyes which had gone dark blue with the look of horror across her face, i glanced down to were Sian was clutching to see that my dress was no long cream but a dark shade of red

Sian: SOPHIE!!!! quick somebody call an abulance

Soph: Sian i...i...i love you

Sian: Don’t you dare leave me Don’t you dare

Sian pulled me in closer her sobs were shaking the both of us i felt her soft lips touch my head before it all went dark................


Will Sophie survive and will Sian get to marry the love of her life find out in the next chapter :D

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Sweet Dreams- Part7  
11:22pm 27/09/2010


We finally arrived at Sian’s parents house well say parents her mum and step farther’s house, Sian didn’t speak to her biological farther ever since she had slept with Ryan he had disowned her.

Sian: Right this is it you ready Sophie....Soph what’s wrong?

I could not answer i was so worried about what they was going to say, i struggled to tell my own parents let alone Sian’s

Sian: Baby, Baby what’s wrong?

Soph: Oh sorry i’m just so nervous

Sian placed a kiss on my check before leading me towards the door, she rang the door bell and heard her mother shout “one second” Sian grabbed my hand for reassurance as the front door was opened

Janet: Hello darling how are you? Hi Sophie

Soph: Hi Mrs Powers

Sian: Hi mum me and Soph need to talk to you

Janet: You’d better come in then

Sian and I walked into the kitchen following Sian’s mum, Janet leant against the kitchen counter and me and Sian stood in the door way we never let go of each others hand, i could see in Sian’s eyes just how nervous she was about telling her mum that she was dating me let alone tell her we had moved in together and was now engaged. Janet looked at Sian and then at our hands which were intwined together

Janet: Come on then i haven’t got all day
Sian: Well me and Soph have been friends for years but we finally found a new meaning of our friendship and one thing lead to another and well as you can see we are dating

Janet: Well..i...i just don’t no what to say

Sian looked at me with worry on her face all i could do was smile at her and pull her closer to me. She leaned up and whispered in my ear “i don’t think i should tell her about the engagement just yet she seems upset”. I just nodded and agreed with Sian because i did not want to upset her or her mother anymore.

Janet: I need time to think, you should go now

Sian pulled me out the door before collapsing into my arm letting out a slight sob i wrapped my arms around her and lead her back to the bus stop heading back home.


Once they had arrived back home Sian had curled up on the sofa while Sophie made herself and Sian a nice big cup of tea with some chocolate biscuits which Sian loved.

Soph: hear you go baby drink this

Sian: thank you, Why don’t we go out tonight it’s been a long day

Soph: you sure you want to Sian

Sian: yeah i need to let my hair down and forget about things for awhile

Soph: Ok ill go get a shower while you drink your tea

I kissed her head before i walked out the living room heading for the bathroom, after a few minutes of being in the shower i heard a knock on the bathroom door before it was opened

Soph: Baby you ok?

Sian did not answer she just open the glass door and slid in the shower next to me, before i could ask again if she was ok her lips were crashing against mine and her tongue begin for entrance, i pulled away needing air when i realized Sian still had her clothes on

Soph: Sian you still have your clothes on

Although i had just said that i thought to myself not for long and soon enough i was taking Sian’s t-shirt up over her head throwing it out of the shower, i felt Sian push her thigh up against my throbbing clit and i could not help but moan which lead Sian on making our kisses deeper and wanting more, I picked Sian up by her bum which she automatically wrapped her legs around my waist, i stepped out of the shower and carried her to the bedroom sitting down with Sian straddling me, she starts to grind down on my hips and bits hard into my neck

Soph: ouch baby not so hard

Sian: I’m sorry i just want you so badly
Before i could answer yet again i had been pushed back onto the bed with Sian laying onto of me with her fingers gliding up my thigh and slowly she inserts two fingers making my back arch and a loud moan come from my throat, I trailed my fingers down Sian’s back which made her shiver, i moved my hand down to Sian’s thigh and she lifted up to allow me access to her wet folds i made slow circles around her throbbing clit before sliding two fingers inside my beautiful fiance, with both moved in time with each either moaning and screaming each others names when we finally reached our climax.

Sian rolled over and layed next to me wrapping and arm and leg across my body

Sian: I love you so much Sophie Webster and I can’t wait to marry you

Soph: I love you to Sian Powers and I’m glad you agreed to marring me, now im gunna go get ready to go out, please wear your little black dress for me

Sian agreed got up and searched through her wardrobe finding her black dress when she heard me moaning in the bathroom, she closed her eyes tightly realizing what she had done and why i was shouting


Sian: What Soph?

Soph: Have you seen my neck

“No” Sian said entering the bathroom and walking up behind me giggling

Soph: It’s huge Sian

Sian: Sorry baby i just want you so badly i couldn’t help it

Soph: I am so paying you back for this

Sian ran out of the bathroom with me hot on her heels before she could not get away quick enough before i pinned her up against the bedroom wall, both of us were laughing, i bit Sian’s neck leaving a mark but not as big as mine god knows how im going to cover that up.

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Sweet Dreams- Part6  
07:12pm 27/09/2010
I no it's not the best but im having abit of a writers block promise it will get better :D got some ideas!


A few weeks had past and i was moving my last few boxes into Sian’s flat well now it was our flat, Everything was going so well for us getting engaged and moving in together. Sian had finally decided it was about time we told our families seeing as we were now engaged, I had promised to tell my parents first to see how they reacted before we told Sian’s although she was still very doubtful she agreed with me.

We slowly walked up to my parents house just before i knocked the door i placed my hand in Sian’s and i felt her relax with the touch of my hand, as i was about to knock the door flung open and Rosie came bounding out the door and straight into me

Soph: Wow watch it Rosie, What’s up?

Rosie: I hi you two finally coming clean are you?

Soph: What are you on about?

Rosie: You two being all loved up i always knew something was going on

Sian: WHAT! HOW?

Rosie: Well the way you always use to sneak round and the way you two both look at each other

I felt Sian grip my hand tighter all i could do was laugh at my sister and pull Sian closer to me

Soph: What do you think the parents will say?

Rosie: They will be fine anyways got to go meeting Jason... GOOD LUCK

Rosie had shouted back at us as she ran off down the street towards the Grimshaw’s place. I winked at Sian and pulled her through the door with me still hand in hand

Soph: Mum, Dad are you in?

Kevin: Hey Soph, Sian

Sally: Hey girls i’ll be right down

Mum came rushing down the stairs and hugged us both at the same time

Soph: Mum, Dad we need to tell you something will you sit down please

Mum and dad both sat down on the sofa looking back and forth from each other and to me and Sian, I pulled Sian with me as i went and stood in-front of the fire place facing mum and dad on the sofa, Sian was fidgeting next to me and i just kept rubbing my thumb along her hand which was still intwined with mine.

Soph: Well you no how me and Sian have been best friends for years now, well....well oh how do i say this

Sian: Let me Soph

Sian stepped forward still keeping a firm grip on my hand

Sian: Soph and me are best friends but I’ve never felt so much love for anyone other than your daughter she is my life and she means the world to me

Tears had started to roll down my cheeks hearing those sweet words coming from my girl, i looked over at mum and dad and both were smiling

Sally: Oh girls i’m so glad you have finally found someone you can be happy with and im even more happier that its with each other

Kevin: Me to girls i’m over the moon, Oh and Sian make sure you look after my little girl

Sian: Of course i will Mr webster

I wrapped my arm around Sian’s waist and pulled her to my side and whispered in her ear “i love you baby, now its my turn to speak”

Soph: Oh and there is a nothing thing me and Sian are... are engaged

Mum squealed and jumped up wrapping her arms around us both squashing us tightly together, after talking about us and the engagement i grabbed Sian’s hand and pulled her up towards the front door

Soph: Can’t stop we have got another stop to make yet

I winked at Sian and she tightened her grip on my hand before we walked out the door and towards the bus stop heading for her parents house.

Sian: Soph i love you to by the way, didn’t get chance to tell you in there

I pulled Sian closer to me and wrapped my arms around her waist and just held her tightly in a loving embraces, Instead of kissing her on the lips i kissed her neck with which Sian let out a slight moan and grabbed a hand full of my top, We moved apart just as the bus arrived and linked arms before we both stepped on the bus.

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Sweet Dreams- Part5  
08:50pm 23/09/2010
hope you enjoy the next part please leave comments :D


A few weeks had gone by since we told Chesney and Katy and we still hadn’t told our parents, I wasn’t so bothered but Sian was so scared, we both agreed to just see how things go and wait till Sian felt comfy with telling her parents.

I was working over time all this week because it was Sian’s birthday next week and i wanted to buy her the best present she has ever had, no-one knew it apart from Rosie that i was going to ask Sian to marry me on her birthday.

I finished work early on friday but before i left work i told Sian i would meet her back at her flat after id nipped into town with Rosie, I text Rosie telling her to meet me at the cafe so we could go find the perfect ring for Sian.

Rosie: Soph how many more shops are we going in

Sophie: Just a few more i’ve not fund the ring i want

Rosie: You owe me big time for this Soph

Sophie: Fine, ill make this my last shop

Just as we were about to walk out the shop i spotted a big diamond ring which glistened in the evening sunlight

Sophie: Rosie that’s the ring right there

Rosie: Sophie that is stunning, Sian will love it just as much as she loves you

I went straight up to the counter and brought the ring, it was placed in a beautiful red box with silver ribbon wrapped round it, I could not stop smiling all the way back to Sian’s flat.


The weekend had flown by and before we both knew it, it was monday morning again, but this monday was different today was the day Sian’s birthday but also the day i was going to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. Sian rolled over in bed as she started to stir, as i felt her move i squeezed her tightly to my chest and whispered in her ear “morning gorgeous” Sian turn round and kissed me so passionately on the lips

Sophie: Go get a shower baby ill make us both breaky

Sian: Ok baby love you

Sophie: love you too

I went into the kitchen and started to prepare the breakfast i could hear Sian in the shower still so i had plenty of time to sort out the table with roses and the box perfectly placed on a plate where Sian normally sat at the table. I heard the bathroom door open and i ran to the kitchen door and waited for my blue eyed beauty, Sian walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist

Sophie: Happy birthday Sian

Sian: Thank you baby i thought you had forgotten

Sophie: I would never forget your birthday baby

I put one hand over Sian’s eyes and the other around her waist and whispered in her ear “follow me baby” Sian followed me willingly, we stopped at the kitchen table when i removed my hand from Sian’s eyes her face wash totally shocked, i stepped back and watch as my beautiful girlfriend pick up the roses and smelled them, She placed them back down and picked up the red box containing the diamond ring. I step next to Sian and took the box and her hands in mine and knelt in-front of her, neither of us could take our eyes away from each others,

Sophie: Sian you are my world, my soul and i love you with all my heart, I know we haven’t told the parents about us but i want you in my life forever........ so will you please do me the honor of marrying me?

Sian did not answer but tears were rolling down her face, i stood up quickly and wiped them away with my thumbs while i held her head in my hands looking deep into her eyes

Sophie: Sian what’s wrong baby.....

Before i could finish my sentence Sian locked lips with mine and quickly pulled away and answered my question

Sian: Sophie you mean more to me than anything and Yes i would love to marry you.

Sophie: You have just made me the happiest girl alive Sian

We both held each other for a long moment, when i pulled Sian to the table so we could eat breakfast, while we was eating i grabbed a gift bag off the floor next to my chair and gave it to Sian, I wasn’t just going to give her one present on her birthday, as Sian was opening her presents she had the most biggest smile on her face, every now and then she stopped to stare at the engagement ring that was now sitting on her finger, when she opened the last present her face lit up

Sian: Sophie this is gorgeous

Sophie: Anything for you my gorgeous girlfriend well no that’s not right Fiance

Sian smiled and kissed me and placed a small gift box in my hand

Sian: I know its my birthday but i have a gift for you

As i opened the box my eyes widened and Sian had her most amazing smile across her face

Sian: Sophie i want you to move in with me, So we can be together every day from now until forever

Sophie: I would love to Sian

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Sweet Dreams- Part4  
09:27pm 19/09/2010

sorry if its not very good but it's my first time writing like this :D

Part 4

When we all finally got into the club we went straight up to the bar got a drink and found a booth so we could all sit down, i was sat opposite Sian talking to Chesney when i felt my phone vibrate i flipped it open and saw that i had a message from Sian saying “meet me in the toilets”, Sian had already gone by the time i had read my text so i got up and made my way to the toilets, i walked into the toilets but could not see Sian anywhere until i felt someone pull me into a cubical.

Sian: Come here gorgeous

We locked lips in a passionate kiss when Sian pulled away and wrapped her arms around my waist

Sian: I need to tell someone, i want to be able to put my arm around your waist and hold your hand.

Sophie: I know babe, i feel the same i’m ready when you are

We both walked out of the toilets and over to the booth were Chesney and Katy were sitting Sian looked at me and winked, i knew exactly what was going through her mind, so i got up and sat next to her for support because i knew she was nervous about telling Chesney and Katy.

Sian: Ches, Katy me and Soph have something to tell you

Ches: Go on you can tell us anything

Sian: Well.... god how do i does this

Sophie: It’s fine let me do it, Well me and Sian

before i could finish what i was saying Sian had placed her hand in mine and spurted out

Sian: Were together!!

Ches: well...well... that’s brilliant, my two best friends are dating

Chesney got up and gave us two a big hug and he was very pleased for us, he also promised not to tell anyone and he understood that we would tell people when we was ready.


It was getting really late and Chesney and Katy were dancing on the dance floor while me and Sian sat watching, SIan put her hand on my thigh and lent towards me, she whispered into my ear “let’s get out of here” before i could answer she had kissed me and was getting up ready to go, i just winked at her and followed her out of the club.

When we got back to Sian’s flat and was inside Sian pushed me up against the wall like she had done earlier that evening and slide her thigh in-between mine, she started to kiss my neck and up my jaw line towards my lips, i wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me and she let out a slight moan, She grabbed my hand and lead me up stairs towards her bedroom, as we was making out moving towards the bed i could feel Sian’s hand move up my back and i felt her start to unzip my dress, before she pushed me back onto the bed she let my dress drop to my feet.

Sian slowly unzipped her own dress and let it fall to her feet i was so amazed at her beautiful toned body, she pushed me back and climbed on top of me slowly moving her hands up my body until she had her hands either side of me

Sian: I’ve been wanting this all night Soph

Sophie: Me to babe

Sian crashed her lips onto my kissed me so hard telling me that she wanted it now, i pushed my self up to sitting with Sian still straddling me, i moved my hands around Sian’s body and un clasped her bra and slowly took it off throwing it across the room, i moved my lips down her neck and onto her chest as Sian arched her back and moan at my lips touching her hard nipples. Sian removed my bra before i flipped us over and i was now on top i kissed down Sian’s body towards her underwear before i considered removing it i looked deep into SIan’s eyes and could see the lust and wanting for me to carry on, i slowly removed her thong and kissed down her thigh towards her throbbing clit, as i started making small circles Sian’s body arched and she let out a loud moan and started screaming my name begging for more. I felt Sian’s hand on my head i started kissing back up her body moving towards her lips as i kissed her lips i slid two fingers inside her which made her throw her head back against the pillow, Sian slid her hand down my body and inside my french knickers were she found my wet clit begging for attention

Sian: Baby your so wet and Oh my god thats good

I started moving my fingers fast as Sian slide her fingers inside me, we were both moving to each others rhythm and reached our climax together, when our bodies had finished shaking from the orgasm we both layed down, Sian had her leg and arm across my body with my arm behind her pulling her in closer to me

Sophie: Babe that was amazing i love you so much

Sian: i love you too Sophie and that was just Wow

She looked at me with those deep blue eyes which were full of love after our love making and just smiled before she snuggled closely to my chest, I kissed her forehead and we both feel sleep in each others arms.

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Sweet Dreams  
01:02pm 19/09/2010
 Part 3

The week had flown by Sian and i had spent every waken moment together. I was at work when Ches and Katy came in and walked straight over to me,

Ches: Hey Soph

Sophie: Hey Ches, Katy. Me n Sian are going clubbing at the weekend if you fancy coming along with us

Katy: Yeh that would be great

Ches: Yeh we all haven’t been out together in ages

Katy: What time?

Sophie: Meet us at SIan’s around 9ish

Ches: Cool see ya both tomorrow

Ches and Katy carried on doing the shopping, i turned round to carry on with my work when i saw Sian walking towards we looking very happy with herself. The way she walked mesmerized me her body was so toned and her hair always looked great and those blue eyes could dazzle anyone who walked by.

Sophie: Why you so happy?

Sian: Cause i just got me and you the weekend off

Sophie: Thats great baby

We both looked around quickly because i had said the last bit too loud when we realized no-one heard we both started giggling.


I went home straight from work to get ready, I had told Sian that i would see her back at her house as soon as i was ready to go out. On my way home i stopped of at my favorite clothe store to pick out a killer dress, i wanted to make an effort for my girlfriend who always looked gorgeous in whatever she wore from her PJs to her little black dresses.

As soon as i got home i jumped straight into the shower because i knew it would take me ages to get myself looking great, I took my red dress off the coat-hanger and slid into it while i was all i could think of was Sian taking it off me later on that night, I soon snapped out of my daze and grabbed my heels before i ran down the stairs one last look in the mirror before i left to check i looked alright.

I was at Sian’s house before anyone because i wanted time alone with her before Ches and Katy got there, when Sian opened the front door she had her little black dress on that only just covered her perfect peach bum, my jaw dropped open and i could not take my eyes of the hot blonde that stood in the door way, there she was my gorgeous girlfriend looking all sexy and hot reaching out to grab me and pull me close for a kiss.

Sophie: You look amazing

I said whilst picturing taking it off to find some red hot lace underwear underneath, i had to shake my head to get myself back into the room just as Ches and Katy walked in. The 3 of us all went upstairs to finish getting ready while we left Chesney catching up with the football on the sofa.

Ches: You girls ready yet

Katy: Yes we are coming down now

Katy walked off to go down stairs as Sian grabbed my hand and pinned me up against her bedroom wall rubbing her leg in-between mine, she softly kissed my neck then whispered into my ear

Sian: You are so hot i want you now and thank you for the compliment earlier i didn’t have time to thank you

As she was finishing of her sentence her lips found mine and gave me a deep and passionate kiss, when we parted i could feel my head spinning i want her so badly but we did not have time because Ches and Katy were both shouting us from the front door.

Still not the best but it will get better just please carry on reading n waiting for the next part :D
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Sweet Dreams  
02:47pm 17/09/2010
 Sweet Dreams - Part 2

It's not as good as the first part but there is better stuff yet to come :D Enjoy

As we entered Sian’s bedroom all sorts of different things were going round in my head from how much i want her and how nervous i was to will all this work out and am i good enough for her.

Sian was placing soft kisses on my lips as we walked over to her bed, i laid down on the bed and Sian climbed onto off me i wrapped both my arms around her waist pulling her closer longing to feel her body so close to mine.

The feelings of lust and want were rushing threw my body and i could tell Sian felt the same was as her hips started to grinned onto of mine whilst our kisses became more passionate with our tongues dancing around each others, I found the strength to roll us both over so i was now onto off Sian as i lent down to kiss those wonderful lips i felt Sian’s hands moving my top up and her soft fingers trailing up my back sending shivers down my spine. I couldn’t help it i had to pull away

Sian: Soph what’s wrong?

Sophie: i’m...i’m...sorry Sian i can’t do this

Sian took my head in her hands and held my face still and gazed into my eyes with those wonderful bright blue eyes that melted my heart

Sian: Sophie it’s fine, i’ll wait till your ready

I kissed Sian softly on the lips and laid down by her side, Sian wrapped her arm over my waist and just laid next to me holding me, i moved my body closer to her as we both snuggled down for the night and drifted away in each others embrace, Sian whispered in my ear “sweet dreams babe”, i just smiled holding Sian tightly


I woke up the next morning before Sian so i decided to sneak down stairs and make us both a nice cup of tea, i returned back to the bedroom and found Sian sat up in bed waiting for me to return. Sian pulled back the quilt and i slid in next to her offering her the cup of tea,

Sian: Thank you baby

Sophie: Sian..can i ask you something?

Sian: Of course anything

Sophie: Are we dating, like a couple?

Sian: Yeh if you want it to be that way

I just smiled at Sian looking deep into her blue eyes and kissed her gentle, she knew that my answer was yes just from the way i kissed her.

Sian went to get out of bed put i grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto the bed into my open arms and held her against my body, Sian laid her hands over my arms that were wrapped around her waist lent her head to the side and kissed my neck so sweetly.

Sophie: Lets stay here all day

Sian: Ok baby just let me grab some dvds, not that ill be watching them

Sian flashed me her most amazing smile as she walked out of the room, i could not help but blush and smile back.

Later on in the day Sian sat up next to me moving out of my arms to turn round and look at me

Sian: why don’t we go out next weekend, get a few people out like Ches and Katy

Sophie: Sure why not, Can i stay here again?

Sian: You can stay here whenever you want to baby whats mine is yours now

Sian relaxed back into my arms and we both snuggled back down to carry on watching the film.


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Sweet Dreams  
03:18am 17/09/2010
4 years on from finishing high school together, Sophie and Sian were still best friends and not yet become lovers.

Sophie P.O.V

It all started with me and Sian messing around play fighting when Sian pinned me down, She was straddling me pinning my arms above my head so we were face to face then all of a sudden, Sian ducked down her head and kissed me so softly, i was completely shocked.

Sian: I know how you feel about me Sophie

Sophie: but do you want this or are you just trying to make me happy?

Sian: I definitely want this, I want to be with you

Sian released my arms as she moved slowly to kiss me again but more deeply, I wrapped my arms around Sian’s neck and pulled her even closer to me. All night long we held each other and kissed passionately until it got late and i had to go back home.

Sophie: I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, I promise i wont say a word until your ready babe

Sian: Thank you and i’m missing you already and you haven’t even left yet

I kissed Sian one last time before i left her flat and held her close and told her i’d text her when i was home and safe in bed. We were up for almost two hours texting talking about how happy we were going to make each other and that we will open tell people when we are ready, the last text i got off my beautiful blonde girl was “sweet dreams soph”

The next day we both saw each other at work, neither one of us could keep our lustful eyes of each other, every now and then either me or Sian had a shy but cheeky smile on our faces. I finished work before Sian but waited patiently outside for her ready to walk home with her, as Sian locked up and came outside she had the most amazing smile on her face when she noticed me waiting and longing to be with her. All i wanted to do was put my arms around her waist pull her close to me and kiss those sweet soft lips of hers that made my head spin every time she kissed me.

Just before i left Sian outside her house to go home she quickly looked around turned to me and kissed me, her lips were so soft it blew me away, before i walked away she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to ask me something,

Sian: Soph... why don’t you stop round here saturday night?

Sophie: ermm.. yeh that would be great

Sian: We can watch a film, get some food and maybe have a few glasses of wine

Sophie: yeah ok then, i’ll be round about 7

Sian: see you then beautiful

Saturday finally came around and i was running around my bedroom wondering what to wear because i wanted to look okay for the girl of my dreams. When i started thinking about Sian it stopped me in my tracks and i just stood there daydreaming with the most widest smile across my face, when my mobile vibrated and made me jump

“can’t wait to see you tonight :P Lv Sian xx”

After i read the text message i checked the time and realized it was nearly 6pm and i only had an hour till i was with my blonde beauty. When i was ready i rushed round to Sian’s i was so eager to see her again and just relax the night with her in my arms kissing those soft lips. I knocked the door and rubbed my hands down my sides because they had gotten really sweaty, i don’t know why they did this because i have known Sian for years but this was different we were sort of dating.

After watching a comedy and grabbing some food and having a few glasses of wine, we were sat on the sofa sian’s legs were over mine and her body was leaning into me, were we both feeling slightly tipsy and our kisses were getting deeper and deeper and we both could not control were our hand were going until Sian pulled away which shocked me

Sophie: What’s wrong sian?

Sian: Why don’t we take this into the bedroom

Sian stood up and took my hand leading me into the bedroom whilst looking deep into my my eyes with lust and longing in her own eyes.

let me know what you think please :D let me no if i should carry on or not thanks
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